Equipment Hire Facility

Equipment Hire:
The equipment’s are available for FREE to Members and to hire for Non-Members with nominal charge which goes towards equipment maintenance.
This rental will be considered as donation for the growth and development of the organization and to help needy person or family.

Members: Free to Rent for 36-48 hours.


  1. Lawn Mover$30 (Excl Petrol) and Return to Base within 36-48 hours
  2. Patila (Big Bagona)$50 per item Or $100 for 3 items (Include Big Bagona with Lid & 2x Big Lagan + Lid with capacity to cook for 100 people).
    Return within 36-48 hours in neat and clean condition.
  3. Patila (Medium Bagona) –  $30 per item with Lid. Return within 36-48 hours in neat and clean condition.
  4. Steel Dinner Plates and Glass $1.00 each (include Steel Plates and Steel Glass) and maximum can borrow upto 80 items in $80. Return within 36-48 hours in neat and clean condition.

Requirement: Reference to be provided by one of the HANM member.  HANM member and Non-Member responsibility for any damages occurred.

*** Borrowed items should be washed, cleaned, wiped and return in original good condition to base. ***

Refundable Deposit: $100 (This deposit will be used to recover any damage to the item)


For more details: please check with:

Br. Akbar Ali Khan – 0422 225 633

Br. Khaja Mohinuddin – 0468 581 488


15 Kinglake Crescent, Craigieburn, Melbourne. VIC 3064

Ph: 0422 225 633