Benefits to HANM Members


  1. Monthly Family Gatherings & Kids Activities – HANM Members enjoy social gatherings with families, kids sports activities and 3 course dinner provided by HANM including Guest entries as per HANM policies.
  2. Fawkner Leisure Centre – Members get access to Leisure Center with subsidized yearly membership (terms & condition apply).
  3. Interest Free Personal Loan – HANM provide interest free personal loan to members for upto 3 months (terms & condition apply).
  4. Community Hall Access – Members can rent community hall with subsidized rate (terms & condition apply).
  5. Sport Hall / Badminton Court Access – Members have access to court with subsidized hourly rate (terms & condition apply).
  6. Cookware – Members can borrow Cookwares for FREE upto 36 hours.
  7. Funeral Services – HANM will contribute in the cost of funeral services for upto 20% of the total cost.
  8. New Membership Reference benefits – HANM Members who refer new members will get 20% discount off their monthly membership for upto 3 months.
  9. Outdoor events and activities & Future Camping Trips.
  10. Emergency Financial Support subject to availability of the funds.
  11. Future Investment Scheme.

15 Kinglake Crescent, Craigieburn, Melbourne. VIC 3064

Ph: 0422 225 633