About Us


Hyderabad Association of Northern Melbourne Incorporation (HANM)


  • HANM: is a non-profit organization founded and incorporated by Akbar Ali Khan in February 14th 2016, a resident of Craigieburn, Melbourne. Victoria for Hyderabadi community living in Northern Suburbs of Melbourne to promote Hyderabadi culture, identity and contribute towards the development of Hyderabad Community Network in Australia.
  • HANM is formed to provide a platform for cultural, educational, social and developmental activities for our ourselves and next generation.
  • HANM: To identify and address social, cultural and educational NEEDS of Northern Suburbs Hyderabadi Community.
  • HANM: is established but its still growing.
  • HANM: The mission of Hyderabad Association of Northern Melbourne is to identify and address social, cultural and educational needs of Northern Suburbs of Hyderabadi Community in general.
  • HANM aims to perpetuate, integrate, and assimilate the cultural heritage of the Hyderabadi people into the mainstream of
  • HANM is a pioneer and pace setter, and role model for innovations in promoting culture and serving the community.
  • HANM will play an important role in developing, nurturing, preserving and propagating Hyderabadi culture to the Hyderabadis.
  • HANM will serve as a platform for events that are uniquely Hyderabadi. It provide opportunities to strengthen the social bonds and create an environment for the preservation and growth of Hyderabadi culture and traditions before it is lost to posterity.



15 Kinglake Crescent, Craigieburn, Melbourne. VIC 3064

Ph: 0422 225 633