Islamic Burial Services

Islamic Burial Services:

Note: This service is provided to HANM Members Only. All Non-Members, Please contact respective organizations such as Preston Mosque or Doncaster Mosque.

Cost Involve approximately as of today is $6800 (Including concrete grave boundaries and other process from start to finish)

The services offered by the Islamic Society of Victoria (ISV) include but are not limited to:

  • Removing the deceased’s body from place of death and transporting to our local facility.
  • Arrange booking with cemetery for soonest appointment available.
  • Washing and shrouding of body by qualified personnel.
  • Perform the Janazah Prayer.
  • Transporting remains from Janazah prayer to cemetery.
  • Prepare death certificate.
  • All preparations are done under strict Islamic guidelines.


The ISV has access to an Islamic burial ground (Fawkner – Hoddle Area). The purchasing of the grave site and the making of the necessary arrangements can be completed by contacting Preston Mosque office.

The burial services available are as follows:

  • Same day burial is possible most days if paperwork is ready before 9am.
  • Monday to Friday – regular services
  • Saturday, Sunday and holidays – the cemetery imposes additional charges.

Mortuary and Ghusl (Bathing the deceased):

Preston Mosque have a well-equipped mortuary to give ghusl (bathing) and prepare the body for burial. There is also a refrigerated room for the storage of the deceased, if required. Preston Mosque staff are on call (both brothers and sisters) to give the ghusl and prepare the body, when needed.


To prevent an autopsy from occurring we strongly recommend that you and your family visit your local doctor once or twice every three months for a medical check-up. If a death occurs in the family, inform the police, ambulance and/or hospital staff of your local doctor and ask the authorities to place the deceased on hold until your doctor arrives to issue a Medical Death Certificate.

Once the above steps are completed contact the TareekPreston Mosque Burial Service on 0417 88 99 56  and they will make arrangements for the funeral of your deceased.


Pre-Purchased Graves

Fawkner cemetery is not releasing graves to the public at the moment except at need. When the cemetery decides to release graves to the public contact Preston Mosque.

What to do when a death occurs.

  • Contact Preston Mosque Burial Services so that they are aware of the death and will inform their staff to be ready.
  • Have ready the full legal name of the deceased, date of birth, date of death, usual address and age at death. As for the person reserving the grave, ISV require the full legal name, usual address, contact number and relation to the deceased. These details are required by the cemetery in order to secure a booking.
  • If you have a grave reserved, they will need the details of the grave and for the owner of the grave go to Preston Mosque and sign off for the grave.
  • Contact your local doctor to come and certify the death (Issue a cause of death certificate). If the deceased died in a hospital or nursing home then the designated doctor will need to sign the cause of death certificate.
  • Once the cause of death certificate is issued contact Preston Mosque to arrange the pickup and burial arrangements.
  • At the soonest appropriate time we will need to contact Preston Mosque and sign off for the burial and fill the required paperwork so that they are able to register the death and issue a death certificate..


15 Kinglake Crescent, Craigieburn, Melbourne. VIC 3064

Ph: 0422 225 633